Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bee Queen/Technological Aquiver - Scala Destillans/Rumbling Ravage (LP, De Fabriek/Korm Plastics, 1990)

This record, produced by De Fabriek, has quite a story. Originally it was supposed to be a split between Bee Queen and De Fabriek, and each band would be paying half the pressing (of 250 copies), but De Fabriek 'sold' their side to Technological Aquiver, which were previously known as The (Lost) Attic, without telling Bee Queen. So the Beequeen/Korm Plastics version has an extra insert explaining this. The Technological Aquiver side was donated by paphio23, and the Bee Queen side was taken from the remastered CDR release on Plinkity Plonk. There is a mystery track on there, which I think is the run out groove of the record, so I trimmed that one minute. As a bonus I include also the two bonus tracks from that CDR release, which is a Beequeen split 7" with The Legendary Pink Dots and a track from the limited cassette release of the 7". Recently a double CD with old vinyl works by Beequeen have been released, which I also highly recommend (on Plinkity Plonk also)



Wave said...


433 RPM said...

ah yes. but as de fabriek would say: what's in a name?


Anonymous said...

this is a great album, i bought my copy from richard van dellen when it was released. but my copy did not include an info sheet telling why the record ended up as a split with technological aquiver. never mind... if you have got the cassette "technological aquiver" with "technological aquiver". then it would be awesome seeing it at your blogg. "smoke dope me de dope bent" daniel.

robin said...

Enjoying this Bee Queen stuff! It sounds so much like other things but isn't. One step either way and it would be pretentious twaddle or inept noise-mongering.

If you have more that would be great. Good job searching this out.

Anonymous said...

Heard the other week the author of TLA is no longer with us. RIP

433 RPM said...

where did you hear this?