Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Young Lions - No News, Strange Rumours (12", Plurex 0013, 1980)

While you are still recovering from yesterday's post, today a really short one, but a nice one me thinks. When I started to look which records would be nice to post and transfer, I found out I have 2 copies of this record, so anyone wanting to buy or trade, please contact me ( The Young Lions were Tim Benjamin, Ronald Heiloo, Harold Schellinx (these three we met earlier on with their 7"s which we featured some time ago), Peter Mertens and Rob Scholte, before he moved to Suspect. Six rather short but great post punk tracks.



Jim Slip said...

Another fantastic album from Plurex, thanks a lot.

Unknown said...

It might be useful to know that in the download the titles of the tracks are incorrect. The Side A tracks have the titles of the Side B tracks and vice versa. In order to get titles and tracks right apply the following permutation : 01 <-> 04, 02 <-> 05, 03 <-> 06 . Or listen to the lyrics ; they almost always include the track's title ...