Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mission Papua Holland - June 87 (LP, Mission Papua Holland Records, 1987)

The links for the five 'Contact Discs' (see last friday) are working! I think there was a problem on the side of Massmirror, but also for reasons unknown it's now solved.

A bit of a weird band, Mission Papua Holland. There were two members, Jasper Frenken and Mark van Gelder, who sometimes played together and sometimes solo, but always used the name Mission Papua Holland. It is in hindsight a bit hard to say who did what, but 'June 87' was made solo by Frenken. I hadn't played this in some years, and was surprised by its quality. One side is quite drone related, while the three shorter tracks are almost academic electronic. A true great record of no longer forgotten music.



Unknown said...

Thanks for uploading "June 87"!
Mission Papua Holland was always one of my favourite Dutch bands (together with Het Zweet and De Fabriek). It's too bad you don't have "Love You Baby" which is better than "June 87", more rhythmical. Try to find it if you can.

Dead Lenin said...

I've been trying to find something from these guys since I first heard them on KTRU Houston in 1994. Thank you so much!!