Monday, August 13, 2007

The Lost Jockey - Professor Slack (10", Operation Twilight, 1982), The Lost Jockey (LP, Les Disques Du Crepuscule, 1983)

One of things I am still clueless about is why the work of The Lost Jockey was not released on CD. The Lost Jockey were Andrew Poppy, John Barker and Orlando Gough. They composed their pieces of minimal music and then performed them. 'Professor Slack' was originally released as a 10" on Operation Twilight and later re-issued as a 12" by Battersea Records, but with wrong listing of the tracks. That record is great. The LP is more mellow, with lots of piano playing in Steve Reich fashion, but it suffers greatly from the length - the b-side goes over thirty minutes - and sadly even after cleaning by my friend Freek still sound a bit scratchy. Well, another reason why this should be on CD.



paj_chi_wo said...

you're doing a terrific work here, mate! remko scha blew my mid, and i've been looking for andre de saint obin's stuff for a really long time.
thank you, i do appreciate your effort!

433 RPM said...

thanks. let me know if you have any requests!


Gamall said...

INCREDIBLE - took me forever to find vinyl and now this saves me burning it !! Does anyone have REGULAR MUSIC LP and stuff they did for TOUCH - regular music was off shoot of Lost Jockey - in a similar vein but maybe not as good

More info on it here

Also would be great to get their tracks from the TOUCH cassettes

"Purcell Manoeuvres" from Ritual: Magnetic North
"Music for Film" from Touch-Lands End

and also
"Extracts From 18 Guitars" which was on a CD with WIRE magazine called Live and Direct in Sept 1999

Regular Music included people like composer
Jeremy Peyton Jones who was associated with both Lost Jockey and the Michael Nyman band

He also did a CD I can't find under his own name called "North South East West" subtitled "regular music II" - it was on the New Tone label - this CD also includes versions of "Purcell Manoeuvres"

All the Andrew Poppy stuff that followed Lost Jockey was collected on his ZTT box set and very good some of it is

You can also hear a bit of regular music at

Gamall said...

also you can read Andrew Poppy discussing Lost Jockey at

Orlando Gough - one of the main people behind Lost Jockey also has a bunch of CDs out - though none are easy to find - the comp Century XXI contains one of his compositions and there's a solo CD called "Message from the Border" released in 1996

433 RPM said...

thanks for the extra information. i have some of the touch cassettes, which i may post in the future. not the regular music LP, sorry.


Jim Slip said...

Thanks for this.

John Wesley-Barker said...

Hi, John Wesley-Barker here, one of the founder members of Lost Jockey. I couldn't get the zip file to download, can you help? Can't believe people are interested in this old stuff, but you never can tell eh? I have an MP3 available of my piece Rise & Fall available for download on my website, follow the links to Music. The reason none of Lost Jockey has been released on CD is that it would have had to be re-released and the group split up with no legal constructions to enable such releases.

433 RPM said...

erm, click on the given link, which goes to massmirror, then click top right 'skip ad' and then click on of the four given places to download. pretty easy, me thinks.
i don't think i understand what you say about legal constructions. les disques is bankrupt, so if all members agree, a CD would be easy. i'd love to do it for you! get in direct contact:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, if you click on th bypass Ad you then get " file not found"


Any chance of reposting it there?

I have the orignal 10", and really enjoyed John Wesley Barker's Rise and Fall mp3 and it's made me want to hear the other pieces again - but no record player any more!

433 RPM said...

massmiror has some problems, and in stead of re-upping right away, i'll wait a few days and see if they get their act together. please e-mail me (> if it doesn't work on monday


Anonymous said...

Do you have any Man Jumping stuff. Orlando Gough went to form Man Jumping after Lost Jockey and two albums were released. Very difficult to find now.

433 RPM said...

nothing by man jumping, sorry

Wrinkle On Tom said...

File still not found...any chance of a re-up?

433 RPM said...

well, wrinkle on tom, i saw your previous request, but since you insist on having lost any ability of finding out what happened, and simple sending your request again by comment, i am forced to put it on this blog. you could have looked further, investigated my blog and oh oh what do you see on the right side bar, by some called fine print (which means 'i am too lazy to investigate'):


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