Sunday, November 1, 2009

Terrorzone - Alle Dagen Feest (tape, 1982)

Band and title may sound like a punk band, but it's not. Quite experimental rock music from this totally obscure band.

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Anonymous said...

Another one from the Rotterdam scene of the eightees.(see; ao. the scarecrow, chriet titulaer & de kunstmanen somewhere else on this blog) This is not a band but an individual. I'm not sure he wants his name to be known so let's call him R. R. was a nerdy genius from the Rotterdam squat scene. He constructed his own effects & rebuilt his guitar. In those days i must have underrated him a bit; maybe because he wasn't a musician who could play anything that approached something 'musical'. But listening back i think his stuff aged well. If you listen with a half ear it could even be something recent. Anyway i've got two more of his tapes; Pyramid Party & This Time. (if somebody else doesn't post them before i do it)

titi tabarnac