Sunday, November 22, 2009

Foam (Tape, Ylem, 198?)

Much like yesterday, this is also a ninety minute compilation but this time entirely (at least that's what I think) Japanese bands. YLEM was pretty much an arty-farty label from Japan, releasing tapes and records, but I don't have any. Dr. Freakowitz lent me this. It has music by A.T. Rhythm, Shinoby, Amerikakorps, The Dildos, Bushman 19, Mongoose, Sntamina, Rna Organism, Perfect Mother, Salaniedman Club, Interon, Noiszunzuri, Min. Lethal Dose, Mad Tea Party, Personal Effects Only, Merzburo (maybe Merzbow in an early guise?), Mono Sexion, Base, Airyform, Hyperspace.

Not for sale



ryan said...

More information on this compilation:

433 RPM said...

i know that blog, but missed out on that. i see there is some more there that i have ripped also from the freakowitz collection, and which i will post then anyway too.