Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Other #1 (tape, 1982)

Today another compilation, from the USA. This is volume one of The Other. The cover says there is a booklet also, but I didn't get this from Dr. Freakowitz. Music by John Deaderick, Kenn Lowy/Wrinklemusik, Doug Kahn, Lawrence Crane, Paul Dresher, De Fabriek, Zoogz Rift & the Amazing Shitheads, Charles Vratceck, Chris Gross, Audio Leter, Johanna Went, Mikail Graham, Philip Perkins, Rich LaBonte, Jumbo Zen, Human backs, Brennan, Jimmy layton, Thealonian Music, Alex Igloo & Dislokate Klammer, The Young Penguins, Scott Campbell & The Sillies, Myc james, Sue Ann Harkey, Children of Kellogg, Drop Bears, Alternate Learning, Pope Paul Pot. That's a lot of music from a lot of people I never heard of. Compiled by Mikail Graham and George Parsons

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Anonymous said...

Uh . . . are you planning to re-post all my stuff or what? An homage to Continuo, perhaps? Or just momentarily running out of original material? This one, as well as the Musiques Pour Un Film Imaginaire, Un D├ępartement, Ricardo Sinigaglia and Etienne Brunet Trio cassettes have all been posted before on Continuo. This is rather puzzling to me.

433 RPM said...

when i recently left a similar comment to another blog i got some heavy stick. i won't give it to you. you surely didn't download any of what you believe is 'yours', but please do, one at least. you will see 'mine' are different. my own rips, my own scans. i have given up at looking at other blogs and check the doubles, simply by just using my own rips. again, nothing from soulseek, p2p or whatever crap, or indeed will I ever repost anything found on a blog.