Monday, November 23, 2009

Marc Barreca - The Sleeper Wakes (tape, Intrepid, 1986), Palace Of Lights (7", Palace Of Lights, 1981)

Relatively unknown composer of ambient music. He has one release on Palace Of Lights (in 1980) and this cassette on Intrepid in 1986. Palace Of Lights, the label, also released a 7", a sort of radio friendly promo perhaps, of works by Barreca, K. Leimer, Anode and Savant, a group of which Barreca was a member. Great ambient music, along the lines of the 70s Brian Eno records.

Both not for sale



BCR said...

nice, looking forward to hearing this!

gd said...

thanks for this one! i love marc barreca's album on palace of lights.

you can find it on my blog here:


yes thanks!! awesome !!!

tomas k look out!!!!