Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Andre de Koning - Nightmares (tape, A the King Tapes, 1982)

Ah, this is the second tape on this blog that actually didn't make it, not entirely. Just like Ovens Van Ondank towards the end of side B the tape got eaten by the machine. Apparently this is the tape that got synth meister Andre de Koning in contact with Trumpett Tapes, who released another tape on that label. Synthesizer music, with primitive samples and sometimes a bit poppy. Great one. Hate to see this damaged. Sorry Doctor.

Not for sale



Andre said...

You don't know how glad I am with the word 'poppy' in this review!
Also the 'tape gotten eaten by a machine' is very appropriate (although I share your pain).

433 RPM said...

yes, too bad. if you have any more of your old music, please let me know (, because i don't have it.

Medicijnman said...

That's funny, I also recognize André just now as a follower of 5XOD and other related groups.
Anyway, there must be more music from him apart from this tape and another one he did for Trumpett (can you post that as well?)

Andre said...

Some self-promotion here: