Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rig Veeda - Callous Friends (tape, Bi-Joopiter, 198?)

And to continue on the line of popmusic, here is Callous Friends by Rig Veeda. I got the tags wrong, and made it by Bi-Joopiter. You have to change that yourself. More lo-fi popmusic

Not for sale



Mark said...

thanks for this, as well as the rv & twins cassette! i would just love to hear any more of these early Bi-Joopiter releases. not that they're all that easy to come by, but just sayin...


This is one of my favourite tapes. I still have it but it's pretty buggered by now. Great to hear it again. 'Cheops' is still such a great song though there was another version on some other tape somewhere, if i remember. Ta