Sunday, November 8, 2009

Assemblee Generale Numero Trois (tape, PPP 16, 1982)

Another compilation is this one of the Ptose Produktion label. I never heard or saw volumes 1 and 2, but here's 3 (with 4 and 5 to follow) with music by Cosy Corner, DDAA, Die Enzeitakrobaten, Alien Brains, I.M.B., ICE 9, W.D.M.K., Geso, Die Form, What Is Dil?, Jerry WX, DZ lectric, AbeKabe, W. Wiggers, Hoy Laktin, Doxa Sinistra, Camera Obscura, Half Japanese, Legendary Pink Dots, Etant Donnes, XXst Century Zorro, Les Chats, MG.

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dsjkvf said...

seems to be 1982 -- at least, this year is drawn on the cover :).

thanks for your work.

Red Bol said...

something is wrong with the tagging ... track 18 is Half Japanese, not 19 ... maybe more titles were shifted ... nice cassette!

433 RPM said...

who knows? but try and figure anything at all out on the cover with the titles upside down?

Böff said...

I am sure that 15 ist Doxa Sinistra live, everything after that seems to be shifted one title (19 are the Pink Dots, 20 is Etant Donnes and 22 is Köning). Although I don't know the band, I guess that 14 is Hoylakin, as it sounds nothing like Wiggers. I can't find Wiggers on the tape at all (none of the first three mp3s from the b-side contains two tracks), 24 and 25 seem to be one track. That's as far as I got!