Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Bene & Pierre Lambow - Sustained Space (tape, Trance Port Tapes trance 3, 1983)

Also on Trance Port Tapes is this one by An Bene and Pierre Lambow. About the label says discogs: "This is the original incarnation of the Trance Port label established in the early 80s by A Produce for a series of cassette-only releases to document what he termed "the growing trance music scene" in the Los Angeles area, although the tapes by Randall Kennedy and Timothy Leary are both primarily spoken word. All releases came packaged in a distinctive fold out cardboard sleeve, (created by Independent Projects), with individual edition numbers stamped on them, and inserts with release notes enclosed. Nine releases were produced between 1983 and 1984." No information on these artists though.

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Memory Three said...

damn. this is freakin excellent. thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks! wonderful item. good to hear it again. my tape quit working years ago. any chance upping the extraordinary john j. lafia cassette also on trance port?

Hotcha said...

I'm from the swiss label who licensed the trance port tapes and I've still got a couple of the lafia cassettes (new and all original). you may contact me through the comments on my blog