Saturday, November 7, 2009

The New Rock 'N Roll (two tapes, DTW Cassettes 05/06, 1985/1986)

In my old tradition of doing a bigger release in the weekend, here is a double cassette compilation, and in great spirit of the 80s, its a thematic compilation. It has new rock n roll music, but of course its more noise and experimental music based. It has some great tracks though, inc one by Ende Shneabeat (instead of Ende Shneafliet). Other bands Josef K. Noyce, The Grief, Tara Cross, Lila, Monochrome Blue, Peter Schafer, Avant Dernieres Pensees, Tasaday, Bogart, Le Syndicat, Asod DVI, Denier Du Culte, F/i, 37 Pink, La Division Technique, Always The Stranger, Friends In Low Places, Zone Verte, Zimbo, New 7th Music, Schlafengarten, Philippe Laurent, Genetic Plans, Happy Halloween, DZ lectric/Anton Shied.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this awesome compilation!

Psy Guy said...

Thanks, the perfect antidote for a rainy day! I'm very interested in what some of those bands sound like.