Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Ordinary - Conventional Sound (tape, 1981)


Although there is no label mentioned, it does look like an official release - of some kind. The title is what it is. The Ordinary are a pretty much conventional rock band, most of the times, but then also sometimes a bit weirder. Not the greatest of recording qualities either, and apparently, according to the cover, all improvised.

Not for sale



Psy Guy said...

Wow they are really cool. I like the hypnotic jam sessions they crank out. Do you know where they are from?

433 RPM said...

i know as much as you (or anyone else) do: nothing. the cover is all i have, and no city is mentioned, but its safe to say they are from the UK

C B said...

Just saw this sell on ebay from happydeadlizard. His description:

Artist: The Ordinary (pre Modern Art / Wer7 / Sundial)

Title: Conventional Sound (Track = Airwaves/Silent Night(in Africa)/ Rules/One Steo Behind/Hello-Goodbye/I'm Warning You/Health and Disturbance/Arrived/Shaking All Over/War on What?)

Label: The Ordinary self-release (Ord1 - UK - 1981)

One of the rarest Modern Art/WeR7 related releases. Very few copies were ever made, and you'd be hard pushed to find another one. The Ordinary were Gary Gipps (Gary Ramon of Sundial / Modern Art / WeR7 / Mystery Plane / etc.) , Anthony Clough (Conventional Tapes / WeR7, etc.) / Ashleigh Marsh ( Casual Labourers / New 7th Music etc.) and David Morgan (played with 12 Cubic Feet / Alternative TV amongst others).