Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rob Smit - Metaal (tape, Kubus Kassettes kk 004, 1981)

Music is something you should get on the real thing, CD, LP, cassette, and this blog merely serves as pointers to good music, which sometimes is forgotten, but if you look hard you are able to find it. EU Records is one such place where one can find interesting releases, and the owner has been extremely kind to lent me a few cassettes, which I will now post. They are all for sale at his place, except for the one, which I kept. But for the next ten days or so, only tapes, and all of them for sale at EU Records. We kick off this trip with Rob Smit, the owner of Kubus Kassettes. I already posted various of his tapes before, which are usually quite ambient, but with a good sense of experimentalism. On his own 'Metaal' release, he produced three long pieces with a toy xylophone, which is slowed down with a reel to reel machine and treated with some effects. I wished Smit would put this out on CDR! He sells old photographs these days.


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big thanks for all kubus-kassettes