Sunday, August 24, 2008

Journey Into Pain (4 tapes, Beast 666 Tapes 007, 1987)

A few weeks back another blog did 'Tourney Into Pain', just when I almost completed making MP3s of 'Journey Into Pain'. The two releases are connected. 'Journey Into Pain' is released by Japanese Beast 666 Tapes and 'Tourney' might be a bootleg version on Statutary Tapes (RRRecords), with partly new tracks and some skipped from the original. I have no idea why. People asked me to up this 'Journey Into Pain', so here it is. Four sixty minutes tapes, that's what the weekend is for! With New Blockaders/Organum, P16D4, Merzbow, John Duncan, Paul Hurst & Mark O'Brien, Tom Recchion, Vittore Baroni, PGR, HNAS, Un Drame Musical Instantane, Half Japanese, Anschluss & Russ Shorto, Maybe Mental, Helene Sage, SBOTHI, The Haters, Asmus Tietchens, Incapacitants, The Sodality, Bruno Cossano, Nord, Giancarlo Toniutti, Hijyo Kaidan, The Boredoms, The Hanatarashi,

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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot !
on which blog can we found tourney into pain ? looking for this release since years

433 RPM said...

tristan.koreya said...

my post was not "Tourney Into Pain" but the Statutory Tape version of "Journey Into Pain", which is a compilation of tracks from original "Journey Into Pain" and "Tourney Into Pain" released in Japan by Beast 666 Tapes (cf.

433 RPM said...

ah what a complicated nightmare :)


Post-Materialists said...

reupload it please!

433 RPM said...

just what didn't you understand about this: REPORT BROKEN LINKS THROUGH E-MAIL, NOT AS COMMENT?