Monday, August 11, 2008

J. Derwort - Bamboo (tape, Low Lands 02, 1987)

Like yesterday I haven't gotm much clue about one J. Derwort, except that he is from Rotterdam and plays music on home made bamboo flutes, but also calrinet, percussion and special effects. There is a little bit found on the internet and it seems he had a connection to Michel Banabila. The word new age falls. Ouch. But I thought it was quite a nice ambient work after all. I have no idea about the label.


buy it here


Anonymous said...

There's a "J. 'Bamboo' Derwort" with a single triphop release on discogs:

Anonymous said...

This one reminds me of Vox Populi! a bit.

Thank you for sharing. A gem in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hi, He played in CHI ( I think from Rotterdam) with ao Banabila. They released a tape in the eighties (rereleased on CD).

Very good sort of easter ambient music. Some of them resurfaced ub East meets west
I dont know if it is still available.
Jan, Bilthoven Netherlands

433 RPM said...

yes, chi were from rotterdam and their cd was released by container music, a rather short lived side label of staalplaat. its still available at only 5,20 euros, which is bargain for that CD.


C B said...

This is great! Seems a little too moody for new age. Reminds me of some of that cassette ritual ambient stuff from the 80s.