Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kalkulator (tape, Tear Apart Tapes tat 002, 198?)

The only other tape I have on Das Ding's Tear Apart Tapes is this excellent compilation, which only problem is the varying sound quality of some of the contributors, so some are pretty loud and some not. The Insane Music posse is here with Cortex, Human Flesh, Bene Gesserit, Subject and Pseudo Code. Jad Fair is a bit of an odd ball and the rest are Dutch, well, I think: Vovokai, Gammagluboline, Spastix, Ende Schneafliet, Baader Popgruppe, Zentak Medium, Das Ding, Act Of God, Rik van Boekel, Cretin Hops, Robotksi, Lab 80 and Naked Lunch.


Anonymous said...

Hope im not been impertinent here – but is there any possibility you could reup this
The file cannot be found on massmirror?…

Thanks for all your hardwork on this blog, some truly excellent stuff I never would have heard without your efforts

Thank you!

433 RPM said...

massmiror has some problems, and in stead of re-upping right away, i'll wait a few days and see if they get their act together. please e-mail me (> if it doesn't work on monday


øשlqæda said...

the das ding track on here sounds completely different from the two other tapes on tear apart. could it be a different band?

433 RPM said...

its the same band