Thursday, October 18, 2007

XX Committee - Steel Negro Music (tape, A.R.P.H., 1982)

As promised last week here's the tape release by XX Committee, released before the LP from two weeks ago.

Steel Negro Music


Unknown said...

hi, was track number 1 (according to the picture) ripped? i think it's missing from zip file. thanks

433 RPM said...

well, you're right, but I got this straight from scott foust, and it wasn't on the cdr... i'll ask him..


hogon said...


..and what did he said ? is it complete or not [as suggested on the sleeve] ?

great blog !

Trash Ritual said...

"Steel Negro Music" has now been officially released on CD by Trash Ritual with bonus tracks. Please visit for ordering information.

433 RPM said...

excellent. i won't re-up this. BUY CD S BUY CD S