Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ahoe Ahoea - True Love Never Dies (tape, 1983)

I can imagine that one could easily think that I am inventing all these releases, and then say: oh here's another about which I don't know anything. Well, can't sing, play drums and guitar, so I certainly can't have produced this tape. Ahoe Ahoea are from Nijmegen, The Netherlands and I asked around but nobody even ever heard of this. There is a very small piece of paper that goes with this, with all the lyrics and a phonenumber in Nijmegen. I remember getting it back then, and was so enthusistiac about that I told Staalplaat to buy five of these. I don't think they were ever sold. Quite powerful garage rock muziek from these blokes.

download link is no longer available as this cassette is now re-issued on LP and download link from Bunkerpop Records
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samen said...


You've got mail!

Wim Roefs said...

Hallo, dit is Wim Roefs, de drummer van de toenmailige band Ahoe Ahoea. Wat wil je weten over de band?

Wim Roefs said...

I just realized that I should have responded in English rather than Dutch. Either way, this is Wim Roefs, the drummer of that onetime band Ahoe Ahoea. What is it you would like to know about the band?