Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Peeping You (7", De Fabriek, 1984?), Fabretsinika (7", De Fabriek, 1988)

Second bunch of De Fabriek 7 inches. 'Peeping You' is a compilation with The Lost Attic, Soft Joke Prod, Daan Meester and De Fabriek. I believe more cover variations exist, but I have only seen the one I have myself. Whereas Peeping You is pretty clear product as to who does what, Fabretsinika is nothing like that. De Fabriek may have played the music, but it might also be Dim.Retire. One thing is certain, it's all about Greece, the favorite country of De Fabriek, I'm told. The release comes in a carton box, with lots of inserts on Greece, including a nice booklet with four plastic bags, inc iron and also hash. A german mailorder owner was arrested when customs opened his box. Obscurity all around here.

Peeping You, De Fabriek Records & tapes Fabprod 03, 1984?
Fabretsinika, De Fabriek Records & tapes Fabprod 11, 1988



mutantsounds said...

1st of all...great great blog!I really enjoy it very much,also dedicated my posts for today to your blog...which means i made only one post suggesting to my blog friend to visit yours immediately.
2nd: Fabretsinika actually was recorded in Greece ,during De fabrieks trip here,where they met with Hondros/Katsiani(Dim.Retire).This recording is consisting of recorded tapes De Fabriek made in greek coffee shops(kafenia,a place where mostly old people go and chat drinking coffee), in Patras mostly and the recordings are original greek rembetika music from the late '20s/early 30's,found on grammophone disks.Many years later most of them were collected by greek record company and were released as compilation cd's.Concerning the hash in the booklet in the box of this recording it has to do with rembetis attitude(they used to smoke much dope).Also there can be found piece of Retsini ,which is an additive to greek white wine which makes it much stronger .
Once more thanks for the great site!

433 RPM said...

thanks for the additional information. the original booklet is not very clear about this...