Monday, October 22, 2007

Illusion Of Safety - Violence & Geography (tape, Complacency, 1987)

One of my favourite US bands that dabbled in many many kinds of music: improvisation, electronics, noise, musique concrete, techno. I intend to put up many of their releases. This one is not to be confused with their LP 'More Violence & Geography', but perhaps it's a kind of blueprint for that one. Not as noise based as some of their earlier work, and already forecasting the later stuff.



icepick method said...

Thanks, you always post great stuff.

Nick said...

hi, the file is no longer there--is a re-up possible? really appreciate the blog by the way

433 RPM said...

you obviously love my blog so much that you didn't read this: report broken links through email, not as a comment? upload should be there shortly