Monday, October 29, 2007

Nasmak - Duel (LP, Plurex 3200, 1983)

Third album by this group from Eindhoven, after some line up change. I don't think it was well-received at the time, but I think it was perhaps way ahead of its time. Soon to follow are their fourth and last LP, and four of the six Indecent Exposure tapes. I am still looking for volume 5 and 6, as well as the Zick Zack 12", Heartache Blow Up 12" and Plaster 7", so if anyone can help. 'Duel' was donated by an anonymous source, so I don't have the original (hence no extra images)



noisepress said...

great add to amazing collection that you've have!
thanks again!

p.s. do you still need minny pops 4th floor?

433 RPM said...

no thanks. i already have that one (see my earlier post about the minny pops)


Maks said...

Thanks again!
Slowly but surely a lot of my old vinyl-records become digitalized, thanks to ur blog ;-)

P@ndora said...

Thanks again. You can find high resolution scans for this one (and many of your other postings) on

Cheers, Frank