Monday, October 1, 2007

Alu - Geistige Erneuerung (tape, Der Letzte Schrei, 1983)

I always believed Alu was a German trio of Johannes Vester, Ludwig Papenberg and Nadja Molt, but this live tape from 1983 only gives credit to Molt and Vester, so perhaps by 1983 Papenberg left the band. The music, taped at 3 different concerts, however didn't change: strong harsh rhythm box, sequencers and synths with strong female vocals. Pretty strong electro music, along the lines of Suicide or The Screamers. American label C.I.P. released a CD by Alu 'Autismenchen', which I highly recommend.



Anonymous said...

I was at a concert of theirs some time in winter 81/82. Since I only remember two men, Nadja Molt will have had something better to do that evening.

This is obviously very subjective but to me they were indescribably bad. Their concert has stuck in my memory as the worst concert I have ever had to endure. What made it worse was that I was there with friends. It was around -10 degrees outside, miles from anywhere and I could not even leave. All I could do was go outside until I could no longer stand the cold, hang around the bar until the noise got too painful and then hang around outside again.

rufskin13 said...

Amazing! Much Appreciated. Thank you!