Sunday, October 14, 2007

Narwal - Nirvana 1 (tape, De Fabriek, 198?)

The great Mutant Sounds blog offered three releases by Dutch Narwal, saying they dont' know anything about them, and little do I know. But I think it's Richard van Dellen from De Fabriek in close collaboration with Peter van Vliet of Mekanik Kommando/Use Of Ashes fame. They made four volumes of 'Nirvana' of which the first one is really different than the spacious and psychedelic other three volumes (number 3 is on MutantSounds). Here is number one to start with, 2 and 4 will follow shortly.



Simon Templar said...

a warm psychedelic trip, imagine floating like a whale in the waters of the nordic hemisphere looking through the layers of water and ice to the sun the moon and the stars.
They've made 4 tapes and 1 album
Great band

Jopie said...

Some tracks do not point to the subsequent direction Narwal took, though enough music that seems preparatory for the following releases. Very curious to me that these Narwal releases have remained so obscure. These audio works are very good in my opinion. Particularly the albums after the first release. The first cassette might date from 1982. There circulates an old De Fabriek order list on angelfire which mentioned a tape 5 & 6. Mutant Sounds offers two files, which have been named there De dood heet leven tapes. Sometimes reminding me of The Residents' Eskimono, some Jon Hassell's Fourth World music [tape 2], some Krautrock, but mostly something completely else. Any information about these albums is more than welcome to me.