Friday, October 5, 2007

One Hour For Spits (tape, Eksakt Records 003, 1982)

In the good old days of cassettes sometimes the packaging was more exciting than the music, but that is not the case with sponz packaging of 'One Hour For Spits' on Eksakt Records. Only five bands are present here (Cinema Club (with Milco Bogard, who will later play in Nasmak), Eric van de Boorn, Days Of The Cadillacs (with Gertie Raaymakers, who will produce a solo tape for Stichting Stopcontact), Exploiting The Profits and A Live Detail (who I believe are the succesors to Signals, who had a flexi with Vinyl magazine). The music is quite funky, with all of these bands, except Van de Boorn, being real bands with a regular line up. Think A Certain Ratio, 23 Skidoo or Cabaret Voltaire: funk music with a healthy amount of experiment. Back then and still one of the favorite Dutch compilations.


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Andre said...

Cool! I forgot all about this tape, I think I still have it. It now rests forgotten in a drawer somewhere, without the sponge which got lost in one the times I moved.