Sunday, December 2, 2007

Young Lions - Small World (tape, Amphibious Records A004, 1982)

I posted some of their music, although this is hardly to be compared to the Plurex 12" before. Here the Young Lions are a five piece of Tim Benjamin, Ronald Heiloo, Peter Mertens, Harold Schellinx and Rob Scholte and 'Small World' was recorded at one the Ultra evenings in Oktopus, Amsterdam, October 22nd 1980 and musicwise more along the lines of the 7" various members put out before. It was first released on their own Link Tapes and later re-issued by their own Amphibious Records label.



Red Bol said...

if this is half as good as the 12" it still should be a treat. the 12" is really one of a kind and maybe the best i know from that era.

Unknown said...

Available now as a hi-quality digital album download at Bandcamp. If you buy tracks or the full album, paiements go directly to the artists. The album download includes several goodies, including image of the concert poster and the - very rare - black and white video footage of the Young Lions performing Small World's opening track, 'Like the dreaded sunday', that evening at the Ultra's.
Small World) - The Young Lions