Monday, December 10, 2007

Devil's Picnic (Anne Gillis) - Pomme Ou Pas Pomme (tape, Ding Dong Records & Tapes MS 183, 1983)

One of the very first entires on this blog was the Gust De Meyer tape on Ding Dong, the second in the series called 'Miniatures', this is the first one. On the cover we read that it is 'our intention (is) to present music with a strong visual character, in which there is a provocative relationship between the music and its package'. Surely this is a nice package, but what it has to with devils and apples, beats me. Anne Gillis's music on LP and CD can be found on various blogs, but this might be her most obscure release (one of the more obscure ones). I have no idea why she choose the name Devil's Picnic, but the music is a bit more synth based and less on concrete sounds.



Knife in the Toaster said...

Thanks for this! Nice to see some rarer Anne Gillis available.

Unknown said...

Fantastic! Thank you. Very rare, indeed.

Anonymous said...


I'm searching since a long time to contact Anne Gillis.

If someone get an idea of the way i could take to find her, please let me know.

All the best...