Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Six More Singles From Dr. Freakowitz

In this second bath more obscure vinyl, by Gary's Panther, IHM, The Truth Club/Fote, Teja, Halli Galli Tanzmusik and Legs Akimbo. Again no particular theme or style, but just a nice bunch. Not for sale download


gum on the cob said...

Is the second group called Deutscher Kaiser or Halli Galli Tanzmusik? I had thought it was Deutscher Kaiser, but maybe i'm wrong. Seems like the album title and artist name might be reversed on this one...

At any rate, another fantastic post, thank you!

433 RPM said...

i have no more info than you do, so if you think you should switch those, please be my guest.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post as usual, but I can't d/l it.

Could you check?


Medicijnman said...

Gary Panter is known from his work on oomics, painting, graphic design and other media. He did a lot of cover design for Ralph Records, home of the Residents. Some info can be found on: http://learning2share.blogspot.com/2007/12/gary-panters-rozz-tox-manifesto-circa.html

He also did an LP: Pray for Smurph, which must be released on CD according to this article (but I cannot find it anywhere): http://readersvoice.blogspot.com/2007/03/gary-panter.html

433 RPM said...

well, soundmill. a great description of the 'problem'. it works fine, but sometimes you have to wait a bit with megaupload until less busy hours, assuming you don't want to pay for it. now it works fine for me. unless there is something wrong with your connection or computer, in which case i can't help you. and i'm glad you ignored the 'report broken links through e-mail and not as comments'. why do i bother? (oh dear, that 433rpm is a true anal guy)

Anonymous said...

Hi Again

Nice to see you in good spirit.

Hm, the link ain't broke but after the d/l is initiated the following error is generated:
\Six More Freakowitz Singles.zip.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

I tried 5 times since yesterday, might be a broken raid at megaupload.

best regards

K said...

boy this one was a tough one to source ... the BAND name is It's Immaterial, and a/b is "Imitate The Worm/The Worm Turns." Didn't know whether you had that.