Monday, December 28, 2009

Frans de Waard/Micheal Wurzer - Rumor De Materia 2 (tape, Iep tapes 114, 1989)

I posted the first volume quite some time ago, but here is the second (and last?) volume. Frans de Waard is of course the man from Kapotte Muziek, celebrating their 25th anniversary here, and many other things. Micheal Wurzer is the guy that ran (runs?) the Clockwork Tapes label. His side is based on synthesizers , while De Waard has a pretty noisy set of typeloops. Released in an edition of 45 copies.

Not for sale




I think you have a mistake in the label. I.E.P. (Investigaciones, estudios y proyectos) it´s not just like E.P. (Extrema pasiĆ³n), although both were lead by Luis Mesa (Merz). But, anyway, thanks for this little jewell. :)

433 RPM said...

oh thanks. it was not clear for me

zushiomaru said...

any change of a reup...??

looks interesting as hell..
big into Beequeen so F.De Waard should be good.

433 RPM said...

i'll take the risk of being called anal, but zushiomaru: you can't read. a) 'report broken links through e-mail and not comments' and b) it says temporarily not available, meaning it will be available again soon.