Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chop Shop/Gen Ken Montgomery - Fragment 4 (tape, ND, 19??)

A split tape between Chop Shop of whom I posted some music before and Gen Ken Montgomery. It was released by ND in their Fragment series. This is, I think, the final release from the series and the only one I have. Quite experimental electronics. A booklet with interviews by both is also scanned and enclosed.



Philip Sanderson said...

Ah was looking for this one

dsjkvf said...

seems to be 1990:
"Radiator I, excerpt (1990) Created in collaboration with Scott Konzelmann, aka CHOP SHOP, one of the most dedicated sound artists I know. This is one of my earliest recordings which uses Domestic Release sounds, in this case my radiator, as the primary sound source. Recorded at the CHOP SHOP in Boston, Radiator I was originally published in 1990 on Fragment No. 4, the audio magazine companion to NO Magazine, Austin, Texas."

Anonymous said...

FRAGMENT 1 = 1989
FRAGMENT 3 = 1991
FRAGMENT 5 = 1993

may be FRAGMENT 4 is 1992??