Saturday, December 19, 2009

Scott Foust - The Fighting Sensualist (tape, Pineapple Tapes 01, 2001)

A while ago Scott Foust (of Idea Fire Company/XX Committee fame) wrote and asked him wether I would be interested in posting this tape. He thought I wouldn't since it would be too recent, but then its also no longer available. One good reason would be he's the founding member of Idea Fire Company, of whom I like all records they produced, and maybe this would be sales pitch. This tape is a compilation of tracks by various bands Foust has been involved, starting in 1981 with Y Front, then Red Light, The XX Committee, Stabat Matar, The Story Of Failure, Anschluss, Idea Fire Company, The Red Disk, The Pickle Factory, The New Peculiars, Tart, The Motor Of History, The Braces. All on this tape. These days he's also a member of Dead Girls Party, together with Matt Krefting and The Tobacconists (with Frans de Waard). This zip also includes a complete scan of the booklet, with some funny history on all of the bands. Pineapple tapes was a short lived sub-division of Foust's main operation Swill Radio and I'll be post some more of the cassette releases from that label, as they are all sold out.

Not for sale



litlgrey said...

I really enjoyed that XX Committe record, and I got pissed off when the record cover was scratched up by a cat. Grrr!

Mar said...

This is a great compilation, I own this cassette with a different image on the cover, released by Freedom From

Notice Recordings said...

Yeah !
I am so enamoured with his material, and the Swill label in general. Still wondering why they don't get more attention.

I have some tapes from Pineapple and some IFC albums and other Swill-related stuff, and it's all fucking amazing. Really, seriously.

Good post. Thanks !

Evan of Notice Recordings.