Monday, December 14, 2009

Morphogenesis - MG 1 (tape, Generations Unlimited, 198?)

So after the big Dr. Freakowitz box, which kept me busy for two months, there is now the next box of tapes I borrowed from PhD, a collector of fine music for many years and a good friend, so we'll continue. I had a look for the last bits I have in my own collection and mix them with the PhD posts and then we'll move on another collection. Unfortunately just today Naofumi of Yximalloo left some comments to remove links to various of his cassettes, which I will do, once I veryfied its the real Naofumi, but I had some 8 or 9 more lined up in the PhD box. Anyway the first is by Morphogenesis, of whom I posted some music before. This all English UK band is an electro-acoustic group which use improvisation. The tape is released by Generation Unlimited, the label from Gen-Ken Montgomery.

Not for sale

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Thanks for this blog!!

Anyone have Due Process 12-15????