Wednesday, December 16, 2009

David Prescott - Dialog And Disparity (tape, Generations Unlimited, 19??)

I posted some of David Prescott's music before, but here is his tape on Generations Unlimited. More synthesizer based music, that should fit well with the current revival of cosmic music.

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Hi! Nice post (Maybe, always is a nice post in your blog!)
I have a tape of David Prescott , "Studies in static and statis. Works in progress..(2 of 2)" in Tonspur tapes 22.
Great synth-man. :)

litlgrey said...

I'm trying to remember if I had this one, I might have. I'm sure I would have gotten in either from Dave or from Ken.

Dave put out tons and tons of material then vanished. He resurfaces on extremely rare occasions... at least as far as my inbox is concerned.

Do you have any of the Prescott's that I put out? I don't even have the masters anymore.

433 RPM said...

actually Carl, i don't think i have any aT tapes...maybe you wish to share (some of) them...?

litlgrey said...

The only problem with that is, in having to pare down to a very slim reality, I have had to let all that stuff go. First I lost the ability to duplicate the masters, then finally I had to part with the masters. I'm sorry.

433 RPM said...

now that's a pity!

ceeg said...

Thanks for this, I've never heard his music before and I love it!