Friday, December 18, 2009

Ambient Complot (tape, Extrema Pasion EP 916, 1991)

This is not a compilation, nor a tape by one person. Here people send in sound material to Luis Mesa and all contributed to the compositions. Quite some now 'famous' people on this one: Dirk Serries, Francisco Lopez, Frans de Waard, Chris Phinney, Zan Hoffman, David Prescott and Miguel A. Ruiz. This is the version I borrowed (from one of these musicians actually). I see on discogs there is also a version with a different cover on a label ZH27, which the musician nor me ever saw. Great ambient industrial music!

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derhet said...

I must say that I really enjoyed this. Track 2 is really great. That dosnt mean I dont like track 1 but just if I was to choose. Thanks for shareing.