Friday, November 7, 2008

White Winged Moth - Silo Blanket (LP, Formacentric Disk, 1997)

Sometimes I like to use this blog as a reference for things happening today. or tomorrow. I am trying to think what I should post to advertise Section 25 featuring Peter Hook and Kevin Hewick in the unlikely place Oss, The Netherlands, but today in Extrapool, Nijmegen, we have a Staubgold night, with concerts by Klangwart, Reuber and Dean Roberts. The latter was a member of Thela and released a couple of albums under his own name, and is these days a member of Autistic Daughters. He also released as White Winged Moth and 'Silo Blanket' is one of those LPs, lathe cut. Roberts plays electric guitar, piano, vocal and tapes and Alan Licht plays organ on '2'. Excellent experimental drone rock. Despite the somewhat low quality of lathe-cut, a true great album. Totally different than what he will do tonight.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. Been following for a few months and your posts are nothing short of interesting