Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ambrose Kelly Reynolds - Greatest Hits (LP, Zulu Records #3, 1982)

Dr. Freakowitz contributed to the USA election day is 'Greatest Hits' by Ambrose Kelly Reynolds, who was one half/one third of Pink Industry. This is his only solo release and deals with famous assasinations in the USA. A nice work of home made electronics and lots of radio and tv snippets. Let's hope this doesn't happen to Obama, whom I see just minutes ago will be the next president. download Not for sale from 433rpm


Anonymous said...

The only way to rescue Obama from disappointing the entire world is ... to kill him.
Thanks for the share.

Anonymous said...

The president is nothing more than a pretty stave headpiece for the masses to look solely apon. It would be much harder to mesmorize or appeal to people if you had to look apon all that is really contributing to the fucked up mess we have here. Gotta love my country.

robin said...

Thanks for posting this, perhaps the rarest of Pink Industry records. Or is there a Tadzio tape out there somewhere? Don't ask me why I never bought this, as it sat at the back of a record shop year after year.

Not a great record, but a part of history.