Thursday, November 13, 2008

Konstruktivits - Psykho Genetika (LP, Third Mind Records TM 02, 1983)

The second ever LP release by Glenn Micheal Wallis under his banner Konstruktivits, or NKVD as he is called here with credits as composer and musick. Dave Kenny is the engineer, Bushido for musick. The final thing I have by them. official website



litlgrey said...

I just checked to make sure my CD reissue of this hadn't been stolen along with a lot else I was relieved of. Fortunately no... which is great because I had a jones to hear Wallis' unforgettable tribute to Fetish Records.
Two out of every three sounds on this album were made by his trusty Korg MS-20. What a versatile synth.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.