Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Laibach/Last Few Days (tape, Galerija ŠKUC Izdaja, 1983)

Legendary first (I believe) tape by Laibach and Last Few Days, as requested and promised some time ago.



Anonymous said...

Thanx, molto interessante


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this one!

Now if you can find these Clock DVA tapes ;)

1. 1978 "Lomticks of Time" Private Edition MC-60 [UK]

2. 1978 "2nd" Private Edition MC-60 [UK] DVATION 01

3. 1979 "DEEP FLOOR" PTI LTD MC -60 [UK ] DVATION 02

4. 1979 "FRAGMENT " Ltd Edition MC-60 [UK] DVATION 03

Anonymous said...

i cannot seem to find the download. the page is all in german which sadly i cannot speak but the translation engine suggests the message is that the file is not there?

anyone who can help steer me in the right direction..?


433 RPM said...

apparently xirror removed all files. i will try to re-upload all files on xirror somewhere soon


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I'm really looking forward to listening to this one... IBx

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this rarity!

Geigercounterculture said...

This one is quite rare, released only on tape 27 years ago.........
Fanx mate! :o)