Wednesday, April 16, 2008

John Cage & Christian Wolff (LP, Mainstreet, 1962)

The oldest entry on this blog until now I guess. The three pieces by Wolff on one side are nice, 'Duo For Violonist & Pianist', 'Summer' for string quartet and 'Duet II' for Horn and Piano, but it's fairly traditional modern classical music, well, of course as far I can judge. But the true reason is the other side, Cage's 'Cartridge Music', which is a piece for contact microphones and small amplified objects and as Cage says, with the feedback left in. I heard various versions of this piece and they are all quite soft, but here Cage and Tudor rock like hell. This is exactly like Merzbow would sound, twenty years later. Great early noise. I am not sure I will put up more Cage, but I have the two 'Variations' LPs which are also on CD, so anyone interested in buying them, let me know ( Covers are worn but the records sound great.



hogon said...

hmm.. seems like this blog became an entirely different blog in the past month or so. no more wavy stuff, no more synthy and punk stuff, just sheer experimentalism. from 1962 onwards. i'm not complaining, on the contrary.

is it maybe a good time to rob you of all of your remaining De Fabriek and New Bulwark cassette-releases ? :)

433 RPM said...

yes, it's more experimental. unlike other people 95% of the music i post it's music i have, and there is only so much punk/new wave etc i have. also experimental music was always there too. oh well, and i only post good music anyway.

i posted all new bulwark tapes. i have more de fabriek tapes, but didn't find them to digitalze them