Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ensemble Pittoresque/Nine Circles - Live (unreleased recordings)

Another set of two live recordings taped of the Dutch radio in the 80s. Probably everybody is waiting for those Ensemble Pittoresque live recordings, but Nine Circles are certainly as nice. There is a great CD by them available

Tracklisting are:

Ensemble Pittoresque - Saturday Paper / Tetro Kilo / Auratorium / Maitre Satori / Mouthshut / My Baby Is A Waitress / Down The Factory
Nine Circles: Miss Love / Here Come I / (unknown) / Something Between You And Me

My cassette cover doesn't tell me when these were recorded, probably 1986-1987. It was part of the programm Spleen by VPRO radio.



vdoandsound said...

thanks...been really wanting to hear this one....

Unknown said...

Are these recordings of the VPRO-program SPLEEN ?

Unknown said...

Are these recordings of the VPRO-program SPLEEN ?

is that me? said...

Spleen was a programme between september 82 and september 84.
I'm very curious about the Nine Circles recording cause i havent heard that one. For E.P. you'll find this
simply great.
Also take a look at, they released some nice E.P. stuff recently on vinyl.

Thanks for the great work on this site!
maybe you might even have "Push Button Pleasure" ???


Chris Sessions said...

both of these shows are amazing. thanks so much! any more vpro/spleen-era recordings like this at all? thanks again!

P@ndora said...

These (and other) tracks have been self-released by Lidia of Nin Circles. Get them here:

They are well worth it and support the artist directly!

Cheers, P@ndora