Thursday, September 6, 2007

Muziekkamer - Popmuziek (tape, Muziekkamer 2, 1984?)

Muziekkamer were two Dutch men, Martin Keuning and Cees van de Oever, who released four great tapes, all to come here. Everytime something different, sometimes Eno styled soundscapes, sometimes more rhythmic like this one. 'Popmuziek' was what they thought about popmusic I guess. Otherwise I have no clue about them. They never played live as far as I know, and I have no idea what they do now.



Unknown said...

Hi thanx for this, this is like finding a treasure ;-) , looking forward to your post of their other stuff !

433 RPM said...

sooon, sooon... i only do one a day


Unknown said...

no rush !
there's so much stuff to listen to,
I can't find the time myself...

thanx for all the cool stuff you post !