Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Blaze Colour - Demos & Live (unreleased recording)

Absolutely one of my favourite bands from Belgium. The demo I once got from a guy in Sweden and the live recording is from Dutch radio from a concert in Leiden in 1983. You could make a great CD of all their recorded output (which I post later) along with this lot.

Tracklisting Demos: Means To An End, Fisk (remix, Or Lie Again, Through With Life, Follow The Sign
Tracklisting Live: Overdose, Cold As Ever, Nowhere Else, Visions All Blur, Ultimate Fight, Follow The Signs

both unindexed



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TymexPyres said...

I knew that someone, somewhere, had to have this music somewhere. Iam only thirty or so, I would been very young when it came out. Iam really into minimal synth/wave, No-wave and the lot.It has been so hard to find these bands.Thank you so much..Iam really waiting to hear your other blaze colour.I have really been trying to find and hear 'em.Thanks for the post. Try to get the rest of em soon.Please,Thankyou............