Friday, September 14, 2007

Bazooka - Last Two Records

As promised here are the last two records by Bazooka. This is were I think they got very interesting, playing a kind of modern classical music, but using old structures to play them. The end came when main composer Theo Hoek wanted to leave the the rock format and compose classical music which he still does to this day. Three years ago there was a reunion concert of Bazooka in Nijmegen in which they had a big band (rock musicians and wind instruments and female vocalist) playing some of the old songs, which was surprising.

'Zwevende Vlakken', LP, Akzidanz Records, akzi 1, 1983
'De Platte Pet', LP, Akzidanz Records akzi 3, 1984

download no longer works as it available on CD


Anonymous said...

Sorry 433,
Ik begin vervelend te worden met commentaar, maar ik heb een inhaalslag te maken...;-)
De Platte Pet is goed, maar de files van Zwevende Vlakken zijn corrupt, inclusief de jpg files...
Thanx anyway.

433 RPM said...

zou je me gebroken links kunnen mailen en niet via commentaar? dat zou wel zo fijn zijn.