Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tox Modell - Live In Parkhof (tape, LeBel Period, 1981)

Of the so-called Ultra movement Tox Modell were one of the most striking forces. Two guitars, one bass and a vocalist. The guitars were fed through some sort of tape-delay system, which sounded highly minimal and the lyrics were quite political. Tox Modell were also active forces in the squat scene. LeBel Period was the label run by Marc Tegefoss, one of the two guitarists, who will later be briefly form Tecnoville (more on them this week) and then later Det Wiehl, a duo with the other guitarist of Tox Modell, Andre Bach. Back in the day I never saw them live, but they played a great reunion concert maybe ten years ago in The Hague. No cover for this tape, which was kindly donated by DMDN of Antenne Record shop.


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