Saturday, September 1, 2007

Satellite & Atom Cristal - Camouflage 003 (tape, Tago Mago, 1983)

A personal favorite, which comes here unindexed, and also without scans of the tape. Since transferring it earlier this year, I must have misplaced it...

A1 Discotillons (4:35)
A2 Boulevard Circulaire (4:20)
A3 Le Manoir Du Chat Noir (3:00)
A4 15 Août A Puteaux (2:55)
A5 Train De Minuit (6:30)
B1 Boulevard Circulaire Bis (3:45)
B2 Sous Le Chêne (3:45)
B3 Dernière Minute (3:20)
B4 Gougou (3:20)
B5 Bibi (3:30)
B6 Le Manège (2:55)



robin said...

Wow. This is a nice one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, many thanks. Do you by any chance have the Satellite 12"? Have just got one track off it ('Tonton Fait Du S'), and it's.. amazing..

433 RPM said...

nope. sorry, never heard of it even


amg151 said...

I have some of the Satellite 12"

amg151 said...

I have some of the Satellite 12"

Anonymous said...

Oh, mutant sounds have the ep-
-more amazingness!

Casey said...

super psyched to find this.
not surprised at all that i'd find here.
which is radical.
thanks you thank you thank you