Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ultra (tape, LeBel Period, 1981)

Ultra was how the Dutch called post-punk and an evening with the same name was organised by Wally van Middendorp (Minny Pops), Rob Scholte and Harold Schellinx (both of The Young Lions) from 29-9-1980 until 18-2-1981. All the concerts where taped and videoed and LeBel Period, the label of Tox Modell released this excellent compilation. It contains already featured bands in this blog, such as Mekanik Kommando, Suspect, Puber Kristus, Young Lions but also Tox Modell, Plus Instruments, Meat, Minion, Vincent 2, Fritura All Stars and many more. A very lively post-punk and experimental compilation. What 'Colonial Vipers' is for Dutch experimental music from the living room, this is the one for the live recordings (and no, I won't put Colonial Vipers here, since you can buy it on CDR from the Trumpett Tapes wesbite, and I recommend it straight away). And I got this indexed version from DMDN/Antenne recordshop. If ever in Tilburg vistit his shop.




P@ndora said...

Excellent stuff! I've been looking forward to this. Downloading as we speak so in about 14 hours I may have the first part... My Internet isn't the fastest in the world!

Dank je wel, ik heb weer wat te beluisteren vanavond. Nu m'n dochters er nog van overtuigen dat dit leuke muziek is!


433 RPM said...

da's jammer. van je internet dan. mijn dochter van 8 vind dit wel leuk anders! binnenkort ook wat tox modell en tecnoville.


P@ndora said...

De mijne zijn twee, maar je moet vroeg beginnen met de juiste muziekopvoeding, toch?

Ik ben nu op 41% van deel 1 en ik ben 4 uur geleden begonnen. Joepie...