Friday, September 7, 2007

Chicago 82 (tape, Les Disques Du Crepuscule twi 116, 1982)

This is not copied from the original release, which I don't have, but it still sounds great. This compilation was made by Wim Mertens of Soft Verdict fame about a new music festival in Chicago in 1982. Featured are Jill Kroesen, Harold Budd, Jon Gibson, Meredith Monk, Charlemagne Palestine, Micheal Byron, David van Tieghem, Glenn Branca, Ned Subtlette and that great interview with John Cage, who talks about Branca in less flattering words. unindexed.



Unknown said...

Hi there,

Just came across your wonderful blog for the first time...looks really good. Is there any chance you might post these Chicago '82 files again?

Thanks kindly!

433 RPM said...

they are still online