Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Death Project Volume Two (tape, Lor teeps 11, 198?)

Its been a while since I posted the first volume of this compilation (a link which is curiously enough still online). Someone asked for a whole bunch of stuff to be send 1:1, but he offered to re-up them on his rapidshare account - all from the last two months. Which made me think: maybe there are other people other who are willing to contribute and re-up on whatever open server and send me the link? Just send me a list of what you are willing to do.


Unknown said...

hey, i will most certainly in the next few weeks upload things that i have received from this blog and email you the links. in the future though, if you have requests to make of the people using your blog you could maybe make a separate entry for it. i tend to miss some of your housekeeping related posts when you lump them in with normal posts. i would be glad to help though..

Eric said...

A while ago i uploaded 405 dead links (previously megaupload or rapidshare), also this one, and curiously indeed none of them has been removed since then

433 RPM said...

they only blocked the ones from the 433 account