Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mushroom - Lucid Interval (tape, Zimbo Tapes 27, 1983)

Response to yesterday's call for help on re-upping has been zero, apart from the guy who put up
some on his rapidshare which prompted this call from me. Thanks a lot of this support. It really made me wonder about this operation. Here's another tape by Flexible Response's Marcel, but for whatever reason I don't know its under the name of Mushroom.

Not on discogs


Dan said...

put your stuff on the archive!!!
people can play it & also download a zip folder from there,easy to upload too only takes a few minutes...sign up,press upload in the right upper corner,select files (no rar's) but just the mp3,repeat it...and write something & it's done
non profit organisation too so what are you waiting for???


and i can upload some of the hardcore/punk posts you did in the past,in the next days days ill check your archive to see which ones,ill let you know...

433 RPM said...

ah, an old punk rocker, so very much in spirit of punk and your comment on archive: why don't you do it yourself, ie put stuff that is not mine anyway on archive, if you are so concerned with it? DIY will be my new religion